Breathtaking Bridal Couture

The ethereal creations of Nathalie Kriado!
In a world where dreams meet craftsmanship.

Nathalie Kriado has sculpted a collection that embodies the perfect blend of delicacy and sophistication, truly redefining bridal elegance.

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Embrace Elegance

Sage Mini Dress: a stunning embodiment of summer elegance and radiant charm. This exquisite dress, crafted in a luminous pale mint hue, exudes both sophistication and a fresh, vibrant appeal. The heart-shaped bustier adds a touch of romantic allure, perfectly contouring your silhouette while offering a flattering and comfortable fit.

A unique one-side scarf detail drapes gracefully, adding an element of chic sophistication and playful movement to your ensemble. The Sage Mini Dress is designed to shine at any summer occasion, from garden parties to beachside soirées. Its radiant fit ensures you’ll feel effortlessly elegant and confident, making it a must-have addition to your summer wardrobe.